My not so ordinary story

My exciting story starts where another story ends. In 2014 I quit my cinema studies to focus on creating a marketing company called Iconic Matter. Our hard work and sleepless nights payed off when we got accepted to Cambridge University. This is where I developed a real passion for good customer experiences and discovered its real potential.

Reading about psychology made me realise that understanding human behaviour is an important pillar for designing good customer experiences. It appeared clear to me that my responsibility as a designer is more than good design; it is ethical design. That is why, in 2017, I started working at CitizenLab where I grew into my current role as lead designer.  

My mission at work is to have social impact and I want to expand this challenging mission outside of work. That is why my focus is on helping small businesses - the ones that not yet have the expertise that big companies do - thrive online.

I am curious to see what this new chapter will bring me and meet the interesting characters that will help me write it.
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My exciting journey